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About the project

Insert Stonks is an innovative Gaming Platform and Monetization Engine, on a mission to enable the creation open economies around games so that gamers and developers alike can participate in generating revenue from doing what they love most - making and playing Games. Democratization the gaming industry lies at the core of our philosophy, that is why security and transparency is our top priority.


Phase 1


checked AMA + Team DOXXing
checked Social Media Launch
checked Platform Alpha Development
checked Whitelisting
checked Website Launch

Phase 2


checked Game (Alpha) Development
checked White Paper Launch
checked Strategic Partnership Acquisition
checked Integration with Solana

Phase 3


checked 3rd Party Game Developer Partnerships
checked Engine MVP Build
checked VC Fundraising
checked Community partnerships
checked Integration with Ethereum

Phase 4


checked CS:GO Implementation
unchecked E-sports Tournaments Organization
checked Community Building
unchecked Integration With Cardano
checked Integration With Polygon

Phase 5


checked Influencer Profile
checked Sponsor Profile
checked Prize Pool with runway
checked Reward Protocol
checked Platform communicator

Phase 6


checked Developer platform beta
checked Gamer governance
checked Premium access system
checked ICO
checked Integration with IMX
Meet our team

Daniel Friedman

Input Output Global

Fred Thiel

Marathon Digital Holdings

Cole Diamond


Mohit Kirpalani


Marcello Mari

Singularity DAO

Michael O’Connor

Funfair Ventures

Eric Williams


Przemysław Wierzbicki

Visionary Officer
18 years of experience as producer of multimedia content, feature films and video games.

Maciej Stachowiak

Techology officer
Designed multiple platforms for fortune 500 companies. Serial inventor and tech philosopher.

Stanisław Frelek

Product Officer
Enterpreneur with a proven track record in real estate and crypto investments.